At Home with Dancer and Performer Emma Judkins

When you meet dancer Emma Judkins you are almost instantly at ease — she, perhaps unknowingly, calms and pacifies without any personal objective or intention. We’ve always admired and been inspired by Emma, a woman we view as tender, gentle, yet constantly working and pushing her body and mind. As she says, “I spend so much time tuning to my body for my work, I try to apply that consciousness to all spheres of my life, using the receptivity of such sensory awareness to help me create calm in a wild, ever-changing environment. embodied consciousness in everything — from the food I eat and products I use to the art I consume and people I connect with.” 

On a recent trip to New York, Emma gave us a peek of her Fort Greene apartment (complete with an in-building dance studio and cooperative work space), and let us play dress up with her in our favorite fall fabrics, and some of our seasonal staples.

Wearing the Pushpa Wrap Jacket, Jyoti Blouse, and Basic Pant.

Wearing the Keya Slip Dress and Pushpa Wrap Jacket.

Emma was born to two performing artist parents in Maine, and began dancing and performing at a very young age. While she calls Brooklyn home, she travels domestically and internationally, and has worked with several established New York choreographers (most recently with Tere O'Connor, Pavel Zustiak, Anna Sperber, and Laurel Snyder). Adding more slashes to her bio, Emma also teaches dance technique, and works alongside a foundation dedicated to funding projects in the arts and humanities. On the lifestyle of an artist, Emma says, “It sometimes feels hard to 'justify' choosing a life as a performer in tumultuous times such as these, when politics are in such need of our attention and thought. I try to root my effort in the fact that I believe art is an essential component of living and thus also requires such attention and thought.”

In the Uma Jumpsuit from Winter 2018.

We’ve had a long friendship with Emma, and can attest to her impressive skills in the kitchen as well.
Up next, she will be performing in Pavel Zustiak’s Custodians of Beauty this September. 

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