lekha is a lifestyle brand, designed in new orleans and handmade by female-owned artisan workshops and rural women’s empowerment artisan cooperatives in india (predominantly in madhya pradesh, rajasthan, and punjab). using natural, handloomed fabrics, we implement both traditional and new textile techniques in our clothing. our focus is on soft, effortless – and sometimes ethereal- textures and fits; transitional staples for gentle women to dress with ease and confidence.


we wanted lekha to be, at its core, about community – and creating an environment of connection on a global level. by supporting lekha, you empower women with financial stability, and ultimately, independence. in the same vein – tenderness – we believe in moving through the world with integrity and an open, kind heart. we design so that all women feel beautiful in our silhouettes, and pride ourselves on providing a price point that is accessible to all women.  


why “lekha” ?

(pronounced: lay-ka)

lekha was the birth name of rajmata vijaya raje scindia (1919-2001), a leader in the infancy of india’s bjp party. she married into erstwhile royal india, yet maintained a life of public service. she was known for her striking beauty in her youth, and her fierce strength in the politics of post-independence india.  she (only) wore handspun, handmade indian garments. vijaya raje understood the importance of supporting rural communities while donning khadi textiles, a value lived and taught by gandhi ji.