lekha is a lifestyle brand offering timeless clothing, accessories, and goods for the home. each piece is handmade in india by local artisans and meant to travel alongside you on all the stages of life’s journey. using only high-quality, handloomed organic materials, like linen, silk, and muslin, and incorporating both traditional and new textile techniques, our soft, breathable, and machine-washable clothing is designed to flatter every body and fit any occasion.

lekha believes the world would be a better place if we were connected to those who create the goods we wear every day. lekha aims to foster connection between the artisan who makes a piece and the person who welcomes that piece into the home. we work in large part with women’s empowerment groups in india to design prints and silhouettes, and employ artisans in rural indian communities. in villages where men are traditionally the breadwinner and head of household, helping women gain financial independence creates a legacy of change, nurturing confidence, self-respect, and, ultimately, freedom. 

by supporting lekha, you are empowering women and contributing to the philanthropic missions of our partners, from providing education for girls to building better infrastructure in rural communities.

lekha (pronounced LAY·ka) is named after rajmata vijaya raje scindia (1919-2001), formerly lekha divyeshwari devi, a leader in the early stages of the bjp, the leading political party of post-independence india, and a woman who embodied conviction, courage, and strength. we are devoted to following in her footsteps, honoring our authentic relationship with india by partnering with indian artisans to remedy the effects of gender bias on economic opportunities and independence. we seek to move through the world with integrity, tenderness, and an open, kind heart.

Our Founder

designer trishala bhansali founded lekha in 2017, naming it after her grandmother, rajmata vijaya raje scindia—formerly known as lekha divyeshwari devi. although known to her country as a powerful and influential political figure, trishala recalls her grandmother’s more intimate impact on her worldview as a woman who dressed only in white handspun muslin saris, a testament to her abiding care for the economic independence of women in rural india.

raised in new orleans, trishala spent her summers roaming fabric stalls in mumbai and creating her own clothing. influenced by this early love for design and her grandmother’s legacy, trishala sought to connect female artisans and women’s empowerment collectives in india with small business owners across the united states in order to bolster the creation of ethical, handmade goods. the result is the lekha community, comprised of thoughtful consumers, talented fellow creators, and global nonprofits working to create a more economically viable future for women.