mallory page x lekha summer capsule

we were fans of artist mallory page long before we met her through mutual friends a few years ago. we were drawn to mallory’s ability to create and convey depth and softness through her paintings; something we later realized she accomplishes across varying mediums. her color palette is gentle and delicate, yet her process reveals layers and technique - meticulous repetition and sophistication. mallory’s work transforms its environment, and we love how femininity is both a focus and a feeling. 


we jumped at the opportunity to partner with mallory for our first-ever collaboration. her style compliments lekha well: soft colors, movement, texture, gentleness. she embodies the feminine in such a strong way - something we try to do with lekha - bringing a focus to female connectivity on a global scale, while also conveying tenderness, accessibility, and empowerment. 


we chose to launch our capsule collaboration with mallory’s favorite lekha piece: the aisha dress in cotton satin. soft, cascading, and easy cotton-satin with long sleeves and an optional wrap (for those that like a more fitted look) - a perfect transitional staple for warm and cold climates alike. we created the caftans in ivory, and mallory meticulously dyed each one (of seven) in color schemes mimicking the palettes she uses in her work. each aisha uses different tie-dye techniques and colors, so that each piece is unique to its wearer in color and process. 


scroll through for images of the mallory page x lekha capsule!