Kansa Katori Bowl


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Kansa gives a sharp sound, is soft, smooth to touch and clear from impurities. These little bowls are especially great for eating, due to their therapeutic quality. Kansa, also called bell metal, is one of the best metals to eat food from, given the healing properties and health benefits of alloy tin and copper. We love these little bowls as catchalls for matches or jewelry, or for serving nuts and dried fruits atop a perfect charcuterie board.

There are certain ways to test the authenticity of the metal, eg. it a breakable metal and if beaten with another metal/ material acts as a singing bowl. note: you may find different colors of kansa and bronze in the market, since there is no standard procedure of making it. The higher the percentage of tin, the lighter and more white the tone of the item will be.

  • Size : 4" x 4" x 2"
  • Care: Not dishwasher safe. Use soap and water, and dry fully. A beautiful patina will develop if not dried after each use. 
  • Material: 73% copper 27% tin, gold finished

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