saheli saree kimono violet


each of these kimonos are handmade from old sourced sarees, found in the villages of rajasthan. made with zari (metallic thread woven into the silk brocade), the patterns are one-of-a-kind; each one feels special and personal. due to the age of the materials, these kimonos are delicate: we advise removing rings and bangles before putting them on as they can snag the fabric. 

  • fit: one-size
  • composition: assorted silks
  • care: dry clean only
  • origin: handmade in india

"the saheli women is a female atelier established on fair and inclusive principles...we empower women through teaching them traditional and modern embroidery techniques. our atelier is a fear-free creative place for ladies to work where they get the freedom to design their working hours and holidays. 

iphd (the institute for philanthropic human development) manages the saheli women production facility for clothing, accessories and homeware out of its community center in bhikamkor. additionally, iphd sponsors the educations of all daughters of saheli women members, runs the only female health clinic in the village, and delivers workshops on a range of topics including human rights, feminism, menstrual hygiene, health, and financial literacy."

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