plant to body: erin wexstten of oxalis apothecary

we were introduced to erin wexstten of oxalis apothecary shortly after we became enamored with her beautiful line of products (that, by the way, we now consider daily essentials). she grew up in rural Illinois, where she shared our same curiosity and love for nature’s sights, smells, and sounds. now rooted in new orleans, we are blessed to have erin in our community of inspiring female creators. not only in the herbal beauty world - erin is a talented designer, kitten-mom to two, and has an infectious sense of humor. though "oxalis" may technically mean joy, its oxalis' founder that truly spreads it. 

blending self-care, beauty, and aromatherapy, oxalis products are handmade by erin with 100% natural herbs, minerals, and plant-based oils. the brand emphasizes just how powerful all-natural products can be on one’s skin and one’s state. 

we love what erin has created – as does our skin. oxalis is both luxurious and approachable, but its really the beautiful scents that wrapped us in. our favorite things: the rose + neroli toning mist and the feel-good potion. use generously!

erin wears the bindu top with lekha basic pant, frieda jumpsuit in white, and lekha basic pant and tank in rust.

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